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Wendy W. moved into a six flat on the south side of Chicago three years ago. She immediately began having difficulty with the landlord for his failure to maintain the building. She even experienced a recent temporary shutoff of water due to the landlord's non payment.

Then, a significant amount of water began leaking into Wendy's apartment from her ceilings, particularly in the kitchen. Large chunks of her kitchen ceiling fell, exposing wet beams, and posing the danger of further collapse. Wendy also had an infestation of both cockroaches and mice, and her lights were out on her back stairs.

After months of fruitless complaining to the landlord, Wendy called the ITU. We inspected her apartment and the building, helping her to cite 42 Building Code violations that the landlord was responsible for. Despite her legal notice, the landlord continued to ignore her requests and Wendy was then entitled to begin paying a legally reduced rent 40% lower than the original rent."

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