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Michael B. lived in a courtyard building in Bucktown for three years. He suffered from serious plumbing problems, including watching his toilet slowly sinking into the floor. He also had poor locks, or no locks, on the building entrances, and inadequate security lighting. Because of his landlord's continual refusal to correct these problems, he decided to move. The ITU helped him legally terminate his lease for the landlord's failure to maintain the building."


"Tony and Maggie B. moved from Denver into a Lincoln Park apartment referred by an apartment search company, paying $1250 per month. They became dissatisfied with the layout, size, and condition of the apartment, particularly considering the amount of rent.

They purchased a home, and tried to find a subtenant to rent their apartment. No one else wanted this apartment for the price, and the landlord was illegally demanding a penalty fee equal to one month's rent for them to re-rent the apartment. We assisted the tenants in terminating their lease for three separate legal failures by the landlord.

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